4 Luxurious Features to Consider Adding to Your Custom Home Design

4 Luxurious Features to Consider Adding to Your Custom Home Design

When people design new construction homes in New Smyrna Beach, FL, they have the opportunity to add luxurious features that cater to their personal tastes and needs. From high ceilings to walk-in closets and distinct cabinet lighting, the possibilities are endless.

Custom Features for New Homes in New Smyrna Beach

Below, we discuss 4 ideas for luxury features to consider adding tonew homes in New Smyrna Beach.

1. Convenient Laundry Room

Many homes may have their laundry rooms tucked away somewhere inconvenient, whether in a closet or near common living spaces. An upstairs laundry room can make an arduous task quicker, easier, and less time-consuming. Plus, it will intrude less on the rest of your home!

2. Your Own Homemade Spa Treatment

Bathrooms should be more than a mere component of your dream home. In fact, we believe that they can offer so much more! You won’t have to leave the house just to get the full spa experience anymore. Our master bathrooms are designed to deliver full comfort and relaxation for all homeowners.

3. Central Vacuum System

Few people enjoy vacuuming, which makes a luxurious addition like a central vacuum system even more enticing. This vacuum resides in the walls of a house and serves as a collection receptacle for debris, dust, and dirt. A central vacuum system is an easy and effective alternative to traditional vacuums and circulates fewer pollutants, too.

4. Custom Shelving

Using vertical space to its fullest extent is easier than ever when people add custom shelving to their new home designs. Some well-placed built-in units around the house can make all the difference. Custom shelving is especially useful in bedrooms or kitchens, where people always seem to be looking for additional storage space.

Adding luxurious features like these to new construction homes ensures that your home has all the form and function you want and deserve.

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