Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Home

Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Home

You don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetically pleasing décor to make your home kid friendly. Looking for new homes Daytona Beach has to offer? When looking for custom home builders in Daytona Beach, choose Hammock Homes Builders. 

We tailor your dream home design to accommodate your children while keeping the design as trendy or modern as you want. Here are some design tips to incorporate into your custom child-friendly home in Turnbull Crossings. 

Make Playroom Spaces Universal

Your children’s playroom doesn’t have to be exclusively for toys and stuffed animals. If you design the playroom space to be universal and suit your entire family, you can also enjoy it as a second workspace, family room, or movie theater.

Include Plenty of Built-In Storage

Floating shelves, cabinets, closets, and other storage spaces are essential if you have kids. You need plenty of aesthetic storage spaces to pull off your home design scheme without making things messy. Kids tend to have lots of toys, clothes, and other belongings, so make sure you plan for plenty of built-in storage in your home. 

Bolt Furniture to the Walls

This is a simple and practical design tip if you have little ones roaming around. Young children who climb on, pull, and tip over furniture are at risk for accidents and injuries. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY anti-tip kits that you can buy for furniture. For larger, heavier furniture pieces, bolting them to the wall is your safest bet. 

Securing your furniture to the walls doesn’t take away from any of the design features you want in your home, and it ensures your children’s safety. 

Custom New Homes in Daytona Beach

Older homes come with potential safety risks, design flaws, and lots of upkeep. If you want to design a kid-friendly home, choose new homes in Daytona Beach. With Hammock Homes Builders, you can design your home the way you want it without sacrificing child safety. 

We’re here to help you build the custom home of your dreams in Turnbull Crossings.

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