Stay Trendy with 2021’s Best Interior Design Tips

Stay Trendy with 2021’s Best Interior Design Tips

Since early 2020, many homeowners have been spending more time indoors than ever before. For some, this has meant completely rehauling the familiar spaces that we live in every day. From the growing importance of sustainability to celebrating individuality, we’ve curated a list of all the year’s most popular trends defining interior design in 2021. Whether you’re redecorating your old home or thinking of how to design inside new homes in New Smyrna, just read on to find our tips!

Expect to See More Blue

Classic blue was named 2020’s color of the year by Pantone but we anticipate that luxury homes in New Smyrna Beach will remain filled with wonderful hues of this positive color throughout the current year – especially navy and velvet blue! The color blue is proven to have soothing effects on mental health so painting the walls or decorating with blue is sure to transform your home into a place for relaxation. With homeowners spending more time at home than ever before, it is so important for our habitat to be as peaceful as possible. However, be wary that some shades of blue can create feelings of depression. Balance out your darker shades with bright accents.

Say Hi to Sunshine

Once summer comes to a close, the days of fall and winter have less sunshine. Homeowners are placing a greater emphasis on making the most of the abundant sunlight available to Floridians by opening up avenues for that sunshine to come inside. Consider replacing any heavy curtains with blinds or sheer curtains, or simply keep the windows bare, to let in more sun! There are tangible benefits to natural light, including an increase in serotonin – one of the body’s happiness chemicals.

Become a Plant Parent

Now that you’ve got all that natural sunlight filtering in, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring some real plants into your living space! Fake plants offered unbeatable convenience in the past, but experts now suggest trading them out for the real deal because they provide homeowners with mental respite from everything else going on in the world. Finding time in the day to care for plants means less time occupied by unpleasant things. Plus, plants bolster your health by purifying the air and improving mood!

Repurpose Your Unused Spaces

The importance of functionality within our homes is more evident than ever. After so many facets of life came home in early 2020, homeowners saw just how valuable space was. That being said, it may be time to say goodbye to rarely-used spaces, like formal dining rooms or libraries. Instead, turn these spaces into something more practical for your day-to-day life, such as a work from home office or a lounge built for getting away from everything else and relaxing! These practical spaces are replacing formal rooms because they enable homeowners to make a space totally their own by injecting their own personality.

Now that our homes are also serving as improvised schools, restaurants, and offices in addition to being the places we live in, it is important to approach interior design for your home with practicality and functionality in mind. You don’t have to compromise the quality of your home life even amid the pandemic – especially when you live in a home built by the best custom home builders in New Smyrna Beach, Hammock Homes Builders! Our floorplans in the beautiful Turnbull Crossings community are some of the most sought after in the area. Just give us a call today to learn more about our luxurious features and top-notch communities!

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