Turn Your Owner’s Suite into an Owner’s Retreat

Turn Your Owner’s Suite into an Owner’s Retreat

Your owner’s retreat is a space that is meant to be cozy and comforting. After all, this sanctuary of new homes in New Smyrna Beach is the place you go to for peace and quiet away from the rest of the household. Because of this, it’s important to transform your owner’s suite into a personal retreat by making it inviting, relaxing, and functional. Don’t know where to start? No problem – just follow our expert guide.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Stay away from the bright, vibrant colors that may be found elsewhere in your home. Instead, opt for more neutral tones. These subdued colors have been shown to foster a calming environment. Plus, inside your owner’s suite, the color(s) you choose are a personal reflection of you. If you have a passion for bright colors, either use them minimally in accent decorations or use their darker, richer hues.

Dress Your Windows for Double Duty

Consider your windows to be the eyes into your owner’s suite. It is important to be able to exactly dictate how much light is either let in or blocked out, depending on the time of day. As the sun rises, you will want to block out the sunlight so it cannot interrupt your sleep patterns. However, during the day, it is better to let the light in so you can reap the health benefits of natural sunshine. Blackout drapes are effective at blocking light when closed and can easily be drawn open.

TV or Not TV?

Similar to windows and sunlight, televisions also present an interesting dilemma. Some sleep experts advise that placing a TV in the bedroom can be harmful to sleep habits due to providing a large source of light late at night. However, the purpose of your owner’s suite is to be as comforting as possible. Sometimes, comfort is staying in bed late on a Saturday morning with the TV on. If you are concerned about negatively impacting your sleep hygiene, consider implementing a seating area where you can watch TV separate from the bed.

Update Your Suite Regularly

If you ever begin to feel like your owner’s suite is uncomfortable or not providing enough rest, then it may need a simple facelift. Consider repainting the walls every 4 or 5 years – a fresh coat may be all it needs to liven you up again. Otherwise, it might be worth it to explore some redecorating ideas. Take stock in what you need from your suite based on your daily routines. Would you benefit from a small table to drink coffee in the morning? Maybe an open space for meditation? Remember that your owner’s suite is the room in which you start and end every day, so it needs to fit you perfectly.

Need any more interior design tips to make your owner’s suite perfect? Reach out to your trusted New Smyrna Beach luxury homes builders at Hammock Homes Builders! Our new homes in New Smyrna Beach embody the vacation lifestyle. By living in a new construction home in a fun and scenic coastal community, you are sure to feel like every day is a retreat from the ordinary.

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